Georg Mir

A heartwarming TTRPG about hamster-like beings going on missions to save their Immergrummel Woods
Hailing from a pristine world called Turnaya, Michtims are often mistaken for Ysoki
Michtims are small fluffy woodland beings that hail from a magical forest in the Feywilds and are pretty quirky and cute
Michtims have joined Starfleet!
A submission for the Troika Tarot Jam
Michtims are small, adorable fairytale creatures
Play an escaped genetically engineered pet, looking for a place to belong
Draw Tokens from a Bag, Rising Stakes, Death Claims All
Transactional Karma instead of Dice
Print and Play Cards for a weird fantasy punk RPG based on PbtA mechanics
Michtim was my Master thesis project: this is the theoretical background information to creating my game

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