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Michtim is my love letter to Saturday morning cartoons like Ewoks and the Smurfs. It's also an idealistic game, because in this game, it's not about the monsters you slay – quite contrary. It's about exploring a world that's larger and hostile, but that holds wonder and amazement. Michtims want to protect nature; and they want to set humans back on the path to a better life. It can be a heartwarming experience; but it also has tight mechanics and can handle fights. 

The game features a totally unique System. Your traits are Emotions, and on rolls that come up as 6, you generate Mood markers of the appropriate emotion. Your character can also have a combination of 12 Callings. These are very minimalistic and simple on one hand, but you can combine them however you like and the best thing: you can play an Angry, a Compassionate or a Scaredy-Cat Cook. There are no favored Stats in this game, so each Class can be played in 5 very radically different ways!

This game means a lot to me, since it marks my graduation into a full fledged Master of Arts; but it's also the baby of my disabled partner Alex and myself. We always lacked a space that was welcoming to us; and with Michtim, we basically wanted to offer peeps a place that's free from oppression.

I really hope you enjoy the game, and as a special offer for you itch-friendlies, I have added all the previously add-on DIY card printing files for FREE.

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Updated 25 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorGeorg Mir
Tagsemotion, genderpunk, hamsterpunk, lgtb, Queer, ttrpg


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This is game whose design, layout and artwork are all the labour of love of Georg Mir (@GeorgMir), they still make clear Mitchim “would not have been possible without the help of countless passionate people”. These include Alexander Oslaj’s input on the Setting Idea, various Playtesters and those who offered Words of Wisdom and the M(o)use, Cornelius Funkenflug (what a sensational name!?), Mir’s djungarian dwarf hamster who’s “charming (even if ferocious) personality” was an inspiration “during the project”. “He’s a fluffy gangster (being locked up behind bars), and utterly adorable at everything he does.” Finally, Mir thanks You, “for putting your trust in [them] and [their] little world. Hope you enjoy making it your new home.”


This rulebook employs a beautifully brilliant, simple and aesthetic style utilising the colours of the rainbow and individual symbols to breakdown the various elements of the book to make navigation so much easier while flipping through searching for rules mid-game. For example, the introduction and lexicon are denoted by a quill and ink and the colour red, while Michtims have a Michtim face with the colour orange.

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This is nearly 120 pages of adorable awesomeness! A beautifully simple and elegant rules system with varying level of complexity for different groups with awesome ideas, mechanics and background lore. 
The art style and artwork throughout are so wonderfully adorable and truly encapsulate the vibes of Michtims and the game.

Just a note on the art of the various Michtim classes on the Haus page – It’s freaking adorable! The chef is SO happy!

This is clearly a labour of love with joy and fun at its heart. I cannot recommend it more strongly for anyone and everyone who wants a fun, fast roleplaying game.