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Michtim is my love letter to Saturday morning cartoons like Ewoks and David the Gnome (David der Kabauter in German). It's also an idealistic game, because in this game, it's not about the monsters you slay – quite contrary. It's about exploring a world that's larger and hostile, but that holds wonder and amazement. Michtims want to protect nature; and they want to set humans back on the path to a better life. It can be a heartwarming experience; but it also has tight mechanics and can handle fights. 

Watch this concise and wonderful review on TikTok by goblinmixtape!

The game features a totally unique System. Your traits are Emotions, and on rolls that come up as 6, you generate Mood markers of the appropriate emotion. Your character can also have a combination of 12 Callings. These are very minimalistic and simple on one hand, but you can combine them however you like and the best thing: you can play an Angry, a Compassionate or a Scaredy-Cat Cook. There are no favored Stats in this game, so each Class can be played in 5 very radically different ways!

This game means a lot to me, since it marks my graduation into a full fledged Master of Arts; but it's also the baby of my disabled partner Alex and myself. We always lacked a space that was welcoming to us; and with Michtim, we basically wanted to offer peeps a place that's free from oppression.

I really hope you enjoy the game, and as a special offer for you itch-friendlies, I have added all the previously add-on DIY card printing files for FREE.

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Michtim: Fluffy Adventures Core Rules 11 MB
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Hey. If you're broke and/or marginalized like me, or can't justify paying full price, feel free to grab yourself a free copy of my game. It's totally fine. I rely on Community Copies as well, so don't feel pressed. You deserve some heartwarming Hamsterpunk action! Reward yourself with a trip to Turnaya!

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Hello! Me and two friends are gonna be playing this, but we want to do it GMless, how would we go about it, or where could we see the rules of how to do so?


Hey! You can find the "themebooks" in the download section. These are three sheets you can use to run the three iconic forces when playing Michtim. 1) Corporate Greed 2) Merry Festivities and 3) Natural Wonders. 

Do you know games like Dream Askew or other Belonging Outside Belonging games? These use similar sheets that someone takes to take a specific GM role for the other players. Basically your two friends have a situation, and you run that scene for them. Then next up, your character and another player have a scene, and the remaining player runs that scene. 

To run these scenes, you can use the guidelines from the themebooks. They have generative tools on them, and hints for how to handle specific situations in that domain. That's how I run GMless games mostly.

The idea is to use the exploration mechanic to generate things you run into; which then can give you something to work with!

Thank you for reaching out to me on Facebook. My partner saw the message today, sorry for not replying earlier. I don't know why I didn't get notified here. Usually that works better.



Thank you so much! and yeah i figured itd be easier to reach out on facebook since you get actual notifs, I cant wait to play Michtim!

please let me know how you liked it! if you want to ease everyone into the game, you can start as Fauchschule kids (just Basic actions) and then ramp up the complexity slowly, by adding more Callings, then Gear and stuff.


There are some v cool feels in this game. 

Novel, thoughtful, charming

thank you so much for your kind words!


Exciteed to play this with my friends, love it so far



Find a very concise and sweet summary on TikTok GoblinMixtape on TikTok explains Michtim!


Can you play this solo? (On your own, without a GM?)


solo play is something I'm working on, but isn't currently well supported. you can try to use the new themebooks to create random events for yourself tho!


This game is the perfect thing to play while having to rest a lot from my health challenges. I want to let you guys know this game gives hope to a fellow disabled game designer ♥️

This means so much to Alex and me! Thank you so much for reaching out, and I hope you can enjoy Turnaya!

Hey, checking in on you! How has your recovery been? Are you doing well? Greetings from Turnaya!


Someone just gifted this to me (I had it on my wishlist). It looks really adorable and I'm excited to dive in!

Hope you'll like it! Let us know about your adventures


I love this game! I also really appreciate the creator for their creativity and kindness. You should check out this game!

Thank you my friend!


I just wanna say thank you so much really for the community copies because otherwise my broke ass third-world country resident wouldn't have been able to play this amazing game.

there's so much world-building, much more than I expected to get from 118 pages alone, and the setting made me very nostalgic about times when I used to watch Hamtaro and Oruchuban Ebich (Ebichu Minds The House).

the art and illustrations have a unique and beautiful flare to them.

again thank you for providing community copies and thank you for this amazing ttrpg!

I'm so glad you like the game, and your friend could play it! There are a lot of folks sponsoring copies, and I hope that people can enjoy some Heartwarming Hamsterpunk! 💛🐹


Michtim is an all-ages, modern-day fantasy rpg about hamsters. It's 118 pages, and played with d6s, poker chips, and glass beads.

It's also got a surprising volume of world-building. Everything from gender to political factions to owl-domestication is spelled out in at least a little bit of text, and the setting feels as fully developed as any good children's book series.

Layout-wise, there's a few places where the book feels sparse (especially in the basic rules chapter,) but everywhere else there's tons of graphics and illustrations and the book feels packed with character and charm.

Mechanically, Michtim is an interesting creature, and if you're a designer and the setting didn't grab you, I think it's worth looking at for the mechanics alone. Essentially, your emotions are your stats. Each emotion governs particular skills, and the more naturally you resonate with that emotion, the better you are with its associated skills. Furthermore, rolling an emotion comes with a chance to temporarily boost it. So the more you engage with an emotion, the more intense it gets---at least until you take a break and cool off.

Not all emotions cover an equal number of skills, but all skills are useful. Furthermore, character creation allows you to start with only 1 point in two of your emotions if you wish---a state where you *can't* succeed rolls with those emotions unless you get a boost---so gameplay has the potential to feel pretty asymmetrical.

Combat is crunchy and tactical, and it contains movement rules, status effects, equipment benefits, and other elements that tend to fit in adventure games, but it also has a surprisingly robust meta to it. Mitchims with high Joy are good at scooting around the battlefield. Mitchims with high Love are healers. Mitchims with high Grief are tanks. Mitchims with high Fear are dodgy. Mitchims with high Anger can hit and deal damage. And every Mitchim is going to be at least decent in two of those emotions, so it's perfectly viable to have a build that flies across the battlefield, gets in your enemies' faces, and then starts crying---bogging them down and making them super uncomfortable.

On top of that, there are character classes (called Callings) that are super flexible. And I really want to emphasize that. You can equip multiple at the same time, and you can spend resources to swap them out on the fly. Each Calling is a little one-note in what it does mechanically, but because you can equip three, you effectively play with a hybrid class that manipulates the core mechanics in three out of twelve different ways.

In general, I would strongly recommend trying Michtim if you like Mouse Guard, Succulent Sorcerers, 4th ed, Mausritter, basically any children's fantasy lit, or if you're looking for a game that you can run for a young audience.

Michtim is easy to learn, and its mechanics felt both familiar and different to me. It carves out its own distinct niche without sacrificing the fun of its gameplay, and it's got a great aesthetic and a fun, well-fleshed-out setting. Overall, I think unless your criteria for a game is "has to be grimdark", you'll get something out of Michtim, and it's worth grabbing a copy.

Minor Issues:

-Page 12, Fur Coat, "during the sleep" during their sleep

-Page 24, Getting into the Mood, "Into The" missing caps

-Page 51, first para, "pull of" pull off

-Page 76, I'm not totally sure I understand how armor works. Does technical armor apply against technology?

-Page 83, there's no Joy ultimate?

-Page 111, The Veil, "stops to honor" stops honoring


Ohhhh, thank you! I just discovered your review and your feedback. I'm sorry you had to find errors. I didn't have an editor on the team (well, I was basically doing this all by myself, that's why). And I hope I'm able to correct the issues ASAP. I can't afford Adobe CC at the moment, so I can't work with my original Michtim file; but I'm working on a fresh file created in Affinity Publisher, so I don't depend on Adobe.

Ultimates are just examples. You should create your own. That's why there's not everything available right off the bat. 

Armor works either universally or against one specific type. Weapons also always have a type. You just flatly reduce the damage taken by the armor value. Definitely something to clarify in a 2.0 if I get to make one.

The plan is to make a Revision, and get the digital option out to all previous buyers. I'm not making money that way, but I intend to make my games living games.

I also want to make apparent that you can roll Emotions for any actions that fall under that Emotion's purview. So the given actions are for combat, but you can basically create and repair objects with Joy or Love, and so on.

Thanks for the honest review, and THANKS for noticing that the game engine is *fun* regardless of the setting. I really intended it to be a functionally designed game that's enjoyable. The original plan was to transition to a Video Game, so that's part of my background on many design decisions.

Thanks!! Check out my other stuff. You can gladly take Community Copies!


If you grew up watching The Borrowers, The Smurfs, or Fraggle rock you get the basic premise of games like Michtim. You play as tiny hamster-like humanoids trying to survive out of site of the human race. The game uses a clever and easy to understand dice pool mechanic that lets you take risks on several levels to secure success. It also uses the current and usual mood of your PC in place of more traditional attributes and it feeds right into said clever dice mechanic, meaning you can lean into what your feeling about a given scene and the game really encourages that. The game also features a series of virtues you characters can try to live up to, which reminds me of the better Ultima games. Its something really different that is worth trying even if it isn't your bag. 

Thank you for this wonderful comment!


Absolutely love the design, the layout, the art- really, I love most things about it. Smooth in play and delightful in concept. Highly recommend!

thank you so much!!


this sounds absolutely lovely, if anyone has played this game would it be possible to play with someone without having to see them in-person? thank you for the help

I hope you find someone to play it with! there’s roll20 character sheets for it too!


Yeah I'm wondering this too. Is it able to play over discord?

so there’s no bots or anything; if you trust your players they can track moods in real space. 

roll20 would be better bc there’s an actual character sheet that allows you to roll. we used discord just for voice/video and all game stuff was on roll20.

does that answer help somewhat?

yes it does! Thank you!


A wholesome TTRPG about hamster-like creatures and their adventures. With carefully thought out inclusive worldbuilding (including notes about society not really having gender roles, and intersex Michtim being commonplace), it's a fun read even for those not planning to play it. There are also notes for changing the complexity of individual character sheets based on what stage of life one's character is at, which is a wonderful accessibility feature. 4/5 stars - excellent.


This is deceptive in all the best ways. It's not the first time I get to read a book trying to emulate small cuddly animals going on adventures, but this one does it so well, it took me by surprise. I'm loving the emotions system, the Haus, the Callings, all of this is well done, simple enough to understand but rich enough to leave loads to explore during the game.

But what really clicked for me is the attention to small details like presenting a society where gender roles aren't important and telling us about family taking many different forms. Even in the fact that players can give each other experience, I get the strong feeling that Michtim is queer in all the ways that I want a game to be queer, I get the feeling this game has a message, and it's not just about hamsters vying for a better future.I get the feeling this is also about the stories that structure tells, and I'm so, so happy about the story this deliberate structure is telling me.

This is a remarkable achievement. The cards are a very cool element of visual aid, and the book is a pleasure to read.


thank you for the heartwarming review!


This is game whose design, layout and artwork are all the labour of love of Georg Mir (@GeorgMir), they still make clear Mitchim “would not have been possible without the help of countless passionate people”. These include Alexander Oslaj’s input on the Setting Idea, various Playtesters and those who offered Words of Wisdom and the M(o)use, Cornelius Funkenflug (what a sensational name!?), Mir’s djungarian dwarf hamster who’s “charming (even if ferocious) personality” was an inspiration “during the project”. “He’s a fluffy gangster (being locked up behind bars), and utterly adorable at everything he does.” Finally, Mir thanks You, “for putting your trust in [them] and [their] little world. Hope you enjoy making it your new home.”


This rulebook employs a beautifully brilliant, simple and aesthetic style utilising the colours of the rainbow and individual symbols to breakdown the various elements of the book to make navigation so much easier while flipping through searching for rules mid-game. For example, the introduction and lexicon are denoted by a quill and ink and the colour red, while Michtims have a Michtim face with the colour orange.

Full review on DriveThruRPG:



This is nearly 120 pages of adorable awesomeness! A beautifully simple and elegant rules system with varying level of complexity for different groups with awesome ideas, mechanics and background lore. 
The art style and artwork throughout are so wonderfully adorable and truly encapsulate the vibes of Michtims and the game.

Just a note on the art of the various Michtim classes on the Haus page – It’s freaking adorable! The chef is SO happy!

This is clearly a labour of love with joy and fun at its heart. I cannot recommend it more strongly for anyone and everyone who wants a fun, fast roleplaying game.