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Hey folks!

I have purchased Affinity Publisher to better adjust to my income situation, because it allows me to work on the game, when I'm not earning anything. Previously, I was using InDesign, and it had high monthly costs that were larger than what I earn on Michtim sales. The good news tho, is that I'm now working on Michtim Revised.

Revised Rules will be streamlined, so they are doing away with some of the clutter, and introduce some new concepts eventually that allow players to play Michtims that aren't Hamster-like. I work hard to make the text even more inclusive, redo the Setting info that was written from a weird biological perspective, and updating some rules, like how to attune Callings and what these do.

To start you off, you can freely download the new Character Sheet right now. It has many rules right on the sheet, and introduces the new Attune mechanic. Instead of learning Callings with XP, every Michtim can magically attune to any Calling by entering the Dreaming state during sleep. Spend 1 Karma and acquire a new Calling. It's that easy. You can also attune to a Calling in emergencies, but it costs 3 Karma to do so. These numbers are subject to change, but the idea is that Callings are fun, combining them is a Core part of the game, and I want to make that easier for players. Callings should be something you engage with on your own terms, and when you get bored of a Calling, you can just swap it out. 

The Calling rules are on the Calling Cards, by the way. I expect players to have a Character Sheet and their relevant Calling Cards in play. The nature of the Cards means that nothing is permanent, and it underlines the fluid nature of Michtim life. 

Follow your dreams!

Consider supporting my project on here, even if you were a previous buyer. You get all the DIY Card files included here, and access to all my WIP files during development. DriveThruRPG buyers will eventually also get access to these, but it's gonna be at the end of the development phase!


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Nov 08, 2019

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